Probability And Reward-Risk Ratio, Trader's Two Best Friends

Successful traders of Stock or ETF are always in lookout for high probability trading opportunities. They also manage their trades using a strict money management plan such as allocation of fund and maintaining better than 1:1 reward-risk ratio for each trade. The combination of probability and risk management ensures that the trading capital is preserved while slowly building on the profits.

With the advent of technology such as data mining, cloud computing and analytics, it has become possible to analyse tens of billions of data points for each Stock or ETF or Index to find past performance patterns that can translate into high probability trades. Our trading applications are designed to find these repeating patterns with the chosen level of confidence or the probability of recurrence.

Historical performance, translating into high probability trading opportunities, coupled with strict money management, in the form of capital allocation and high reward-risk ratio, are the main arsenals of a modern-day trader.

Seasonality Trading

Most businesses are heavily seasonal and their Stock price movements follow this seasonal behaviour creating a repeating pattern that is predictable.

Several factors can cause such seasonal price behaviour such as annual tax cycles, earnings reports, politics, holiday spending, weather cycles, to name a few. Sapphire’s Seasonality trading application analyses billions of data points in history of the Stock or ETF going as far back as the beginning of trading of the underlying and provides summary and detailed report of the period during which the Stock or ETF made major moves most number of times, the highs and lows during that time, days it took for reaching those levels and all these supported by user-friendly charts and table to interpret the analysis results.

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Volume Spike Trading

A spike in daily trading volume is a very key indicator of where the underlying Stock or ETF is headed in short term. As an example, a 3X spike in average daily trading volume of Boral Ltd (ASX: BLD) followed a surge in the stock price of over 10% in next 15 trading days. A 4X spike in daily trading volume of Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) followed over 6.7% decrease in stock price in next 30 trading days.

Analysing these spikes in daily trading volume of a Stock or ETF and the price patterns that followed using a time tested algorithm, going as far back in history as the beginning of trading of that Stock or ETF, our trading application is able to provide impressive predictive abilities and open up some of the best swing trading opportunities with very high level of confidence.

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Price Action Trading

Price action trading is about finding out if an underlying Stock or ETF is demonstrating certain characteristics in terms of momentum or trend or volume or volatility or various combinations of these. Typically, traders use a range of indicators to make sense of the current state of the price action and assess possible future movement of the underlying Stock or ETF.

The algorithm behind our price action trading application, developed with years of research, uses a proprietary combination of indicators to find the history of price action patterns and their success rate for any number of years as the user choses, going as far back as since the Stock or ETF had started trading. So when a price action event occurs, the trader can make the trading decision based on the probability of recurrence of the price action pattern and expected levels of highs and lows.

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Intraday Seasonality Trading

Looking at the daily chart of a Stock or ETF might, it might appear like a move only by a small percentage during the trading day, but it actually moves between the highs and lows of the day and in most occasions these highs and lows are created in certain hours of the day following a historical pattern.

Our seasonality day trading algorithm looks at the top Stock or ETF in the global market and picks up the daily movements of the underlying to provide the historical track record of the time of the day at which the underlying moved, the direction and by how much in a summary report and detailed report. All these are based on the user selection of underlying universe of Stock or ETF, the look-back period and the minimum confidence of the recurring patterns.

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Trading Proficiency Training Program

Learning to trade in financial markets and being able to manage your own money is a wonderful skill and can provide a very rewarding and satisfying experience. With the right training and tools and, of course discipline, it is entirely possible to do so and develop a new stream of income.

With decades of experience in financial markets and years of research, we have put together a comprehensive training program that is intended to provide a clear blueprint for a budding trader to learn the skill. The training covers basic building blocks of trading stocks, popluar derivatives such as CFD and Options and then builds on those for several near-zero-risk Options strategies in two levels.

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Stock/ETF Research Services

Everyone in their life sometime need a handholding and for some very good reason, particularly when you are embarking on a new journey. If making sense of all that are contained in a stock chart, technically analysing the chart or interpreting the results of some of our advanced trading applications is hard for you or you need help to walk you through, we are here to help.

Our Stock/ETF research service is designed to help traders to simplify their trading by providing weekly reports of high probability swing trading opportunities, delivered via e-mail and instant messaging. These trading opportunities are based on technical analysis and our advanced trading applications such as Seasonality, Volume spike and Price action.

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About Us

Sapphire Private Assets is a proprietary asset management firm based in Sydney, Australia with principal activities around managing own funds, financial market research, development of strategies and technologies for trading in global financial markets. Sapphire Capitals, a division of Sapphire Private Assets, is involved in developing trading strategies and providing training services to traders and DIY fund managers. Sapphire Technologies, the other division of Sapphire Private Assets, with its resources spread across Australia and India, is involved in building trading technologies to support various trading strategies.

The current portfolio of trading technologies include stock market data mining, global stock Seasonality trading analytics, Volume spike trading analytics, Price-action trading analytics and Day trading seasonality analytics covering over 20,000 Stocks, ETFs and Indices from more than 20 countries in four continents.

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